Corporate Training Program

Since the turn of the century, globalisation has been an unstoppable force that has influenced everything from our personal to our professional lives. As a result of significantly increased international trade and investment, it is also more likely than ever that we find ourselves working for, or with, businesses that have roots that are very different from our own.

While these differences may not be deal-breakers in many circumstances, experienced managers will know that the small things are important, and it is therefore worth investing in training to ensure that we know how to communicate with our colleagues and/or our customers in the most effective and culturally appropriate way.Janus Academy’s corporate training package provides a comprehensive yet customizable programme that can be tailored specifically to your rganisation’s needs. Our programmes are based on Krashen’s proven language acquisition method, and include a “cultural navigation” component which we believe is a key part of a holistic approach to learning.

So whether you’re looking to upskill your client-facing sales teams, or simply promote better communication between your international back-office departments, Janus Academy has the expertise to provide your business with an efficient and cost-effective solution for your language training needs.

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Everyday communication

Focuses on training students to use the language effectively for social
purposes; emphasizing on practical communication abilities such as speaking and listening skills

Business communication

Focuses on teaching industry specific vocabulary and sentences; Learn to use
“professional” terminology in real-life business situations e.g. formal
language, business writing, meeting etiquette, etc.


Cultural awareness

Ensures students have an in-depth understanding of the target language culture and avoids inappropriate behaviour

Intensive speaking practice

Role play in both social and professional situations e.g. meeting a new client, negotiation, after work dinner, etc.Each student will get personal feedback from the teacher to maximize learning outcomes;
The course can be completely customized according to your needs;

Training Options:

Group lessons – Most economical option, either at your premises or our training centre;  $150 / hour (up to 12 students)

Individual lessons – Most effective option, either at your premises or our training centre; $100 / hour

Online lessons – Most flexible option, done via Zoom (or your preferred video conferencing facility); $100 / hour (up to 12 students)



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