Why choose us

Ministry of Education Registered Language Institution

Official oral Chinese teaching partner of Confucius Institute Headquarters

Established almost a decade ago in Singapore

Bespoke private and semi-private lessons

Over 30 experienced and qualified native teachers

Small class sizes to ensure quality

Emphasize on communication skills training

Teaching content producer for MOE and the UAE

Free learning resources uploaded on social media platforms

Working with large MNCs on language training and cultural workshops


Student Community Feedback

I studied English at Janus Academy during my autumn holidays. I improved my speaking skills very quickly and realized my dream to study abroad. I learnt a lot of English phrases which are useful for my daily life. When I returned to Japan, Janus Academy helped me correct my essays and personal statements for my university application. I was successful in my application. Thanks to their help!

Tatsumi K

I used to take a weekly private lesson at Janus Academy which is flexible, customized, affordable and efficient. After one year I surprisingly found myself with a good foundation of Chinese language. Janus Academy listens to students needs carefully and continues to be innovative. I am now awaiting for it's online leaning contents to continue my further learning journey.

Kae D
Kae D

I took a corporate Japanese course with Janus in preparation for my job in Japan. The teachers were very personable and could accurately anticipate my needs to design an intensive course that was just a few months long yet covered different aspects of life in Japan, from daily life necessities to casual conversations and even business Japanese for workplace meetings, emails and speaking to colleagues of different seniorities (keigo).

Kae D
Deborah K

We really enjoyed our time at Janus school because the teachers allow us to build our own learning experience. Our teacher had shaped the learning program based on our areas of interest making it fun and effective !

Jad & Pitt (7 & 9 years old)


Rin (15 years old)